Visual Art in Rwanda

 Art Cooperative Studios and Galleries: There are currently dozens of contemporary visual artists working throughout Rwanda. The vast majority of Rwandan artists are young and self-taught. Over the past few years, groups of artists have come together to form cooperative studios and galleries where they create, exhibit, and sell work and also organize art programs in their community.

A few of the cooperatives with which I am familiar are linked below:

Agasozi Art Center

Inema Arts Center

Inganzo Art Gallery

Ivuka Arts Kigali

Pascal Bushayija

Yego Art Studio

Tongo Art Gallery

Uburanga Arts Studio

Museum: The National Art Gallery (NAG) is part of the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda. My colleague Lia Gieling, a curator at the the NAG, wrote an article about the museum.

Art Education:

Ecole d’art Nyundo

Art Organizations

City Arts


Ishyo Arts Centre

Kurema Kureba Kwiga

Traditional Art

Imigongo: Cow Dung Paintings.

-Ikora Imigongo Kirehe Cooperative

-Kakira Cooperative

Agaseke: Woven basketry

Azizi Life

Tuzamure Agaseke Cooperative




Jewelry Making


In the Media:

The New York Times: In Rwanda, Studio Space as Catalyst and In Rwanda, Looking to Art to Soothe

Secondary School Art Competition

Artists who Focus on Rwanda:

Alfredo Jaar:

The Rwanda Project

Kofi Setordji:

-Traveling Genocide Memorial

Pieter Hugo:

Rwanda 2004: Vestiges of a Genocide

Portraits of Reconciliation

Eyal Sivan:


Alexis Cordesse